7 essential social customer engagement features retailers need

13 June 2017 by Anita Matthews

Use social customer service to improve satisfaction and retention

Customers are increasingly using social media in the purchasing process.  They use it to inform their buying decisions and they use it to seek assistance if they have an enquiry or an issue.  In the competitive retail industry providing high quality customer care on social media can make or break a sale or customer relationship.  Increasingly retailers are turning to social media to help improve customer satisfaction and increase retention. Here’s why:

So how can you make sure your social customer care is up to scratch?

We’ve put together 7 key features you’ll want to have in your social customer service tool to help you provide high quality customer service on social media:

Unified inbox to consolidate your social messages

Access all your social mentions from a single unified inbox. This enables your team to stay up to date on what’s being posted to and from your social accounts. You can organise all your social channels into just one centralised place to ensure no mentions are missed. There’s nothing worse than leaving your customers hanging.

Use intelligent workflows and automations to improve efficiency

Improve your response times and help your agents respond quickly and efficiently to incoming messages by using automations to route enquiries to the relevant agent or team. Noise from marketing campaigns or competitions can be filtered out to ensure customer service mentions are front and centre and you can process them as quickly as possible.

Monitor the quality of your responses

Using an approval mechanism enables customer service team leaders to keep an eye on what’s being posted out and ensures compliance to company policy. Use this feature to ‘approve’ replies from agents to ensure only the correct messaging and content is seen on social platforms. You need to be able to set approval rules to automatically route responses to the right person to give messages a green light, or add notes for agents to make changes if there are any violations of policy. This will also help with ongoing training and staff development to help employees understand how to comply with company policy while still providing a friendly, human response.

Workforce management for improved productivity

Consider using online/offline statuses to monitor and benchmark agent productivity. This will help you better understand the productivity of your team and help identify any blockages in workflow and processes which can be streamlined.  

Track your performance in real-time

Get a 360 degree view of your social customer service performance and create customised dashboards to track activity on your social channels in real-time. See how the key areas of your social customer service programme are performing and compare social data across channels and teams to help with resource planning and staffing levels.

Audit trails

Ensure agent activity is logged and traceable so agents can see what colleagues have done in the past. This also saves the customer having to repeat key information.

Customisable social reporting

Leverage the power of your social data by reporting and analysing your social activity.  Use team reply reports to monitor the quality of your agent responses to ensure quality standards are maintained across the team. Benchmark your response times against your SLA to help you understand how any volume spikes impact your ability to provide a timely response.  Regular monitoring of your programme will help you identify any upcoming issues and enable to provide proof of ROI for your activities. Make sure your tool gives you easy access to insightful data that you can use to drive real business benefit.

Ready to learn more? Download our social customer service playbook for retailers for more tips and insight, or request a demo to see how your business could benefit from a customisable and scalable platform like Sentiment. 

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