Holidays Are Coming

12 November 2012 by Dionne Lackey

Christmas is approaching and so too are the Christmas adverts. One question which always tends to appear around this time of year is ' When will the Coca-Cola advert come on TV?'. The answer is... it was shown for the first time this year during a break of X Factor on Saturday night. This year was the first time the advert took a slightly different turn including an element of social media . The hash tag #holidaysarecoming is at the forefront of the campaign.

As expected, it sent the social world buzzing. At Sentiment Metrics, we always love a good winter advert to put us in the festive spirit so we ran a quick analysis to see just how much the Coca-Cola advert got other people talking on social media. The buzz volume chart below shows the number of mentions about the Christmas Coca-Cola advert from Saturday until today.

Since it aired on Saturday, the advert has generated 10,378 mentions, 7,123 of these being on the night of its appearance onITV. Some of the comments included:

'#holidaysarecoming please don't tell me I've missed the first coke advert'(@JoeyClarke_)

'Looking forward to this years Coca Cola advert!! It's one of the few reasons i like Christmas. #holidaysarecoming'(@JordanBatts)

'#holidaysarecoming it's officially Christmas season now the coca cola advert is on!!'(@driscoll86)

Have you seen the much anticipated annual advert yet?

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