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16 November 2012 by Dionne Lackey

Fans camped for days in London's Leicester Square to try and get a glimpse of their idols, all together one last time, as the last of the Twilight films were released. The première, held on Wednesday evening attracted well known face from various walks of life but the main thing on everyone's minds was the situation between Kristen and Rob after it was announced earlier this year that she had an affair. But all seems rosy there.

Twilight is one film, among very few, that has become more than just a film... it's become a global culture! Over recent years, the Twilight saga has grabbed the nation by the neck and sucked them into a fantasy world of it's own. A series of films of this magnitude are undoubtedly going to create noise on social media. But who are the top ten most influential tweeters?

Looking purely at popularity (number of followers), the influencer chart shows that since Wednesday, @PerezHilton was the most influential tweeter, accounting for 15.6% of the mentions. The well-known personality shared links to an exclusive interview on the red carpet:

The remaining nine tweeters each accounted for 9.4% of the total Twitter mentions. Some of their tweets included polls about when people are expecting to see the film, competitions to win Twilight related prizes as well as highlighting the importance of the day:

Will you be watching team Jacob battle it out against team Edward for one last time?

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