EE customers use social to flag 4G issues

22 November 2012 by Dionne Lackey

Everything Everywhere's new 4G service has been in the news again; this time for all the wrong reasons! It seems as though EE may have some answering to do...

According to research by mobile coverage company RootMetrics,only 40.2% of 4G users in Manchester are actually getting coverage.Manchester is one of the 11 UK cities currently receiving 4G but this is set to increase to 16 cities by the end of the year.

For a service that has been hyped for months, as you can imagine, lots of people aren't happy about this. No one wants to have to traipse into the city centre just to get 4G coverage! But this may be what some people may have to do for now if they want to be able to use the service to it's full potential.

Comments about 4G on social have shot up again in the past week as a result of the coverage issues being experienced by many service users. As you can see from the buzz volume chart, there was a peak in mentions on 20 November when there were 1182 comments.

We looked at the social media discussion surrounding 4G and highlighted several comments which could be seen as a concern to EE.

T-Mobile, which now comes under EE branding, bore the brunt of the negativity. Some frustrated users commented on the slow speed of downloads:

'T mobile unlimited 4g is a fn scam. Dont believe the hype. Internet stupid slow.'(Facebook post)

'@TmobileUK u have the worst mobile broadband I have ever known in my entire life. #4G my ass!'(@TamekaOfficial)

'This has got to be the slowest 4G ever!Tmobile #TmobileProblems'</em> (Tyson520C)

While others discussed lack of coverage:

'I don't know wtf is up with my phone today, but when I have full bars & 4g, I should Not get a 'trouble connecting' error #tmobile'(@thecolournerd)

'HowTHEF*** do I have 4g one second & the next second I have no signal & I'm sitting in the exact same spot? I hate T-Mobile w/ a passion.'(@princess_alycia)(edited to spare any offence)

Our quick analysis of the key customer complaints around 4G shows that how brands, with a social media monitoring tool, can quickly identify issues with the launch of a new product or service. If you are about to go live with a new service, are you ready?

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