Thanksgiving on social media

27 November 2012 by Dionne Lackey

As most of you will know, Thanksgiving is an American public holiday which takes place towards the end of November. Some may go so far as to argue that it is celebrated more than Christmas!

ThanksgivingThursday saw the start of 2012's shenanigans. Businesses across the states shut their doors on Wednesday evening to prepare for the four-day weekend to spend quality time with family and friends.

It may come as no surprise that people in America were discussing Thanksgiving the most on social media. However Sentiment decided to take a different stance. We ran a quick social media analysis from 21 November until 25 November, excluding mentions from the US and unknown locations, to see what the rest of the world had been saying about the public holiday. It is important to remember that not every social media user will declare their location but what is almost certain is that most people will know someone who either is / or knows someone else celebrating Thanksgiving; regardless of where they are in the world.

Thanksgiving regional chart

From the region chart above, you can see that the top five countries excluding the US, talking about Thanksgiving were: Ecuador, Canada, the UK, Brazil and India. Ecuador came in first place with 43.9% of the total mentions, followed by Canada which made up the second largest percentage with 26.7%. Although Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving, they celebrate the occasion in October. People in the UK were also rather vocal on social putting them in third place with 10.1% followed by Brazil on 4% and India taking the last spot in the top five with 3.7%.

When looking at the mentions in more detail, it seems that people were actually celebrating Thanksgiving all over the world, whether they were wishing family and friends well in the US or part of the American expat community.

We looked at the non-US regional split for the Thanksgiving discussion for a bit of fun, but there are serious commercial benefits of drilling down to see how your brand resonates in different territories to understand the global conversation.

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