Launching a new service or product? Don't forget your customers!

13 December 2012 by Dionne Lackey

Whenever a new product or service is launched, it's vital there is a balance between promoting it to the best of the brand's ability and not forgetting to provide exceptional customer service. This is a basic for any company, and should not be dismissed at the expense of something else.

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However, it appears, from looking at the mentions captured by the Sentiment social customer service tool, that EE has some work to do to achieve this balance. Our analysis of the conversation around 4G shows that some customers wanted service issues resolved first and foremost.

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Customers want the basics on service right and any brand, including EE, should be constantly monitoring what their customers are saying about them online and respond accordingly. Social media is a vital tool for customer relationship management and businesses need to incorporate it into their business models if they are to keep their customers happy. Customers expect you to be listening before, during and after, the bells and whistles are put on a new service or product.

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One way of easily keeping up to date with your customers' opinions and comments about your brand, service or product is to engage with a social customer service tool. By using a solution like Sentiment, you can answer questions and resolve issues in real-time through the engagement function and link your brand's social media accounts to the tool to allow efficient social media engagement. You will also be gathering intelligence on how to best invest in your customer service resources.

If your brand is about to introduce a new service or product, remember it could prove difficult to engage an unhappy customer base!




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