Knowing your influencers on social media

19 December 2012 by Dionne Lackey

Fact: Most brands want to know who the most influential people talking about their company, products or services are.

Use a social customer service tool to manage your social influencers

Subscribing to a social customer service tool, such as Sentiment, can help you quickly identify and assess who is influencing discussions and perceptions of your brand online. Influencers can be analysed by mention or authority. Mention refers to the number of times a specific social media user has talked about your brand whereas analysing by authority involves looking into the number of followers that social media user has.

Sentiment influencer chart

The chart above shows the top 20 influencers by mention, who have been talking about the social media industry over the past seven days. As you can see, @Ipobryan has accounted for 48.6% of mentions.

Now let's look at it in a slightly different way. When analysing by authority the data captured is different.

Influencer chart authority

In comparison, you can see that the top 20 influencers by authority is much more varied and @2020socialmedia has taken the lead with 12%.

Now that I've identified the differences, you may be thinking 'what should I be taking away from this?' The answer is 'Get involved, build a relationship, and expand the group outward.'

If outreach is part of your integrated social strategy, it is vital you know who your key influencers are to start building a rapport with your target group. When you've got a contact list, don't forget if a blogger is influential for your brand, others will also be knocking at their digital door. It's always helpful to have an honest, open dialogue from the get go about the mutually beneficial relationship you'd like to build.

By using the engagement function, incorporated into the Sentiment platform, you have the opportunity for direct interaction with these influential commentators to start building that all-important relationship.

To help get you started, you may find these tips on blogger outreach useful as well. This is just a short introduction to what could be a long running social media customer service strategy for your brand. If you are serious about implementing a social outreach programme, engaging with a social customer service tool may be the first step to long-term success.

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