New Year Social Media Checklist: An Engaging 2013

02 January 2013 by Dionne Lackey

Is it really that time of the year again already?! A new year, a new start ... and all that jazz. Statistics show that social media will be more important than ever for brands this year. Social Media Today reports that, according to research from Mass Relevance, 59% of consumers are more likely to trust brands that have established a solid social media presence.

So, if you are planning to use social media for engagement and customer service this year and need a little motivation, here are some handy tips on getting started:

Social media New Year Resolutions

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First things first: 

    • Define your social media objectives.To get the best out of your social media investment, clear objectives should be set from the word go. For example, which channels are you going to focus on? What are you looking out for? A recent report by eMarketer found that 'Facebook is the number one social site for consumers to share product information with their networks.' Something to keep in mind...
    • Be unique.It's ok to stick out from the crowd, if it's for the right reasons. A lot of people will be drawn to a brand if they are different and produce innovative content.
    • Know your audience.By doing this, you are more likely to attract, and engage, your target audience.
    • Don't be afraid to reach out! One of the key elements of influential social media engagement in building social relationships. These may not always land in your lap so be prepared for search for them.
    • Be social and build rapport. Most people won't want to be bombarded with salesy jargon.
    • Lastly, don't ignore negative mentions! As I'm sure many of you will agree, it's not nice hearing negative things about your brand but you will never be able to please everyone. Therefore, it is essential that you take any negative comments on board. With some deft footwork, negatives can also be turned into a positive.

This is just a short list of tips to help you start the year with a bang. And, nudge, nudge, subscribing to a social customer service tool should also be at the top of the list to help you increase customer engagement. After all, '75% "are already talking about brands on social media channels."' Are you listening?

Download our guide to find out more about using social media to improve customer service.

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