Apple iPad VS Kindle Fire: Who won the social battle at Christmas?

04 January 2013 by Dionne Lackey

The Apple iPad vs the Kindle Fire - one of the hottest battles in the run-up to Christmas when both tablets will have been bought by many as presents for loved ones all around the world.

According to Mashable,'The iPad still has by far the largest share of tablet web traffic, with nearly 79% of the market', but the Kindle Fire gained ground during December byalmost 'doubling its share to 7.5%'. So, we've had a look at which one led the social media discussion the most around the festive period and generated a comparative buzz volume chart from 24 December to 31 December to see which tablet came out on top.

From the chart above, you can see that social media users mentioned both devices more frequently after Christmas shenanigans had piped down. This may be because people had more time on their hands, to explore and interact with their new gadget after doing the rounds visiting various friends and family. The iPad narrowly pipped the Kindle to the post by receiving more mentions. Whilst the number of mentions for the iPad peaked on 29 December with 1884, the number of mentions for the Kindle Fire also peaked on the same date at 1815.

This is a brief but useful example to show how brands can use a social media monitoring tool to monitor and measure how well a product or service has been received in relation to its competition. It will be interesting to check back in to see how the discussion pans out once the excitement of having a shiny new gadget at Xmas fades.

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