The social reaction to the collapse of HMV

16 January 2013 by Dionne Lackey

Since the announcement ofHMVgoing into administration, it's as if music lovers have gone into mourning. A lot of people recognise Nipper the dog looking into the gramophone;HMV's iconic logo. But, it could be the end of an era. It appears we are now embracing the digital age more than ever and purchasing our entertainment online instead - gone are the days of buyingDVDs, vinyl and CDs in store. We've talked in the past aboutsocial shoppingproviding a much needed adrenalin shot for high street retailers. Not forHMVthough.

It may come as some surprise that there has been a relatively mixed reaction to the news. Obviously there are many who are concerned for the thousands of employees whose jobs are at risk:

While others just don't understand how it could have come to this due the popularity of the high-street chain:

There are also a handful of irritated customers who are now left with useless bits of plastic since the company announced yesterday that they would not be accepting gift cards or processing any refunds or exchanges. I'm sure you will agree that this will be highly frustrating for the many people who received gift cards and presents purchased at one of the store's branches for Christmas:

In comparison, one tweeter has stood up for the company and its employees by tweeting:

Some have also seen it coming for a while:

But let's not loose hopeYET! Trevor Moore, the big boss ofHMV, has released a statement to theBBCclaiming"We remain convinced we can find a successful business outcome". Other retailers such as La Senza went into administration in the past few years and have bounced back so it's just a matter of time until we find out if it truly is the end of the line for this much-loved brand and its dog.

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