Social media and sports events [infographic]

17 January 2013 by Dionne Lackey

Sports and social media are a great pairing. As millions of fans enjoy the action, social media can bring them all together in a way never before possible.

This new infographic (below) fromEventilityhas identified some fascinating stats on the subject, some of which came as a bit of a surprise.

Although it was no surprise to see football (soccer) dominate the lists of most popular teams and players, the complete lack of US dominated sports was more of a surprise. Baseball and American football do not appear anywhere in the top 10 for Twitter or Facebook.

The infographic also shows howsocial media monitoringcan be used to track the buzz surrounding events. For instance, theLondon 2012 Olympic'sgenerated 50 million tweetsand last year'sSuper Bowl generated 13.7 million tweets.Of course, it is possible to measure much more than buzz volume. These tweets can offer event the organisers, sponsors and competitors valuable and actionable insights into a wide range of issues.

For instance, which advert generated the most buzz during the Super Bowl? Which brands were most heavily associated with the Olympics? If a sports brand is looking to sponsor an athlete, they will want to measure the amount of social buzz around them as well asthe sentiment. The venue will want to know what attendees thought about the refreshments, the prices and the parking. Social media monitoring can offer useful insights into all of these things and much more.

One thing that's clear from this infographic is how effective events themselves - including sporting events - are at generating both buzz and followers, and how important it is to seize the moment.

This is a guest post from Jeremy Taylor - Community Manager atOur Social Times. Next week Our Social Times are hosting afree webinar on Monitoring for Social Customer Service.

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