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25 January 2013 by Dionne Lackey

After one year of dedicated work, the redevelopment of the Sentiment tool is complete! We were already awarded for ease of use and deployment in the enterprise, and on the back of some great enterprise wins we thought it was time for even more improvements in usability, power and cutting-edge functionality!

Sentiment social customer service dashboard

As one of the industry's leading vendors for Twitter and Facebook customer service, we wanted to provide you with a quick summary of our new and improved user interface.

Configuration Tab

Our new wizard will help you to simplify your stream configuration. It provides an easy starting point when adding streams. There are two ways of doing this; either simply by clicking on the '+' icon on the toolbar to the right of your streams or alternatively by clicking on the configuration tab. If you choose to click on the configuration tab you will see the screen below:

Sentiment stream wizard

Within the Sentiment solution, you have the opportunity to see a live preview of sample mentions in the lower half of the configuration screen before adding a stream to refine it, if required. As you add key words / phrases the live preview will update.

Another type of configuration you can use is for Facebook pages. Account holders typically use a specific URLto monitor a Facebook page. The system will run an analysis on that individual page rather than more broadly with key words / phrases.

Once you've finished entering the stream criteria, whether it's via the wizard, a manual entry or for a Facebook Page, don't forget to hit the add icon. This will automatically save the stream and immediately start retrieving mentions from millions of online sources for the past 30 days. We also have an archive of 30 billion mentions which we can search for you, so don't worry - whatever your data requirements Sentiment has it covered for you!

Building your social monitoring steam

Analytics Tab

Depending on your social media monitoring objectives, you may wish to limit the results to certain specifications such as region, channel, age etc. The all-new drag and drop function allows you to include or exclude specific filters at the click of a button. This has been introduced for ease of use and to allow each user to find specific data quickly and more accurately.

Let's take regions for example. From the chart below you can see that mentions from the UK and the US have been included but other countries have been excluded:

Social media analytics filters

Once again, live loading of data in your sub search will appear in the bottom half of the screen.

Custom Analytics Tab

As you've seen above, whilst Sentiment already had strong analysis capabilities, the system also has a flexible custom analytics section. Power users can create sophisticated non-standard reports which can be saved either for future use themselves, or to share to other non-technical users as read-only reports. Sentiment  custom analytics can answer those questions which require a greater level of analytical flexibility, such as "what are the key topics being discussed by women aged 26-40 across the UK towards your industry term, and which of these topics are of positive sentiment and which are of negative sentiment?"

Social media sentiment analysis

For example, as you can see above, you could look at the top topics for a stream, select one of them, such as 'social media monitoring tools', and then drill down to see the sentiment of that specific phrase.

Reporting Tab

This area of functionality has been completely developed from the ground up providing the most powerful report builder in the industry. The reporting function of the tool allows you to schedule daily, monthly reports to be sent out to certain email addresses at a time of your choice.

Scheduling social media reports

You are also now able to select the charts you would like to include in thePDF report. Even better - these are unlimited, so you can go crazy with the number of charts if you like! You can drag and drop your chosen charts into the report template...

Social media report preview well as having the opportunity to re-order them if you wish under the report contents column on the right hand side. Again this is a drag and drop function:

Report contents

This column can also be used to delete charts from the PDF report by clicking the 'X' icon, and drag and drop to reorder the contents, you can also add your own custom notes and logos!

Engagement Tab

Engagement is the second section which has had a significant revamp. Designed in partnership with an award-winning contact centre, the engagement function is a standard part of all accounts (with no extra charge), as is unlimited user accounts so feel free to socialise the enterprise!. As it is fully integrated into our social intelligence solution there's no need to refresh as data is pushed to the user interface in real time, resulting in live streaming of mentions for you to have the opportunity to reply to. You are able to directly respond to tweets and Facebook posts within seconds of them being posted, saving the hassle of having of having to flick between different tabs on your computer screen (a nice touch don't you think?!).

social media live stream capture

The functionality includes live broadcast as well. So if two members of the team are viewing a data stream, and one user clicks to reply, the other user will immediately see this mention is locked, they will also see comments, tags and assignments in real time. A great collaboration tool!

This is just an overview of what we have to offer in Version 3 and there's more to see and even more to come! We recommend you try it for yourself so you can understand just why 400 leading brands and agencies have chosen Sentiment for their social media monitoring and engagement requirements.

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