The Uncertainty of Measuring Social ROI

01 July 2014

Social Media Meltdowns: Are They Preventable?

16 April 2014

This week brought us yet anothersocial customer service PR nightmare, with none other thanUS Airwaysleft red-faced after having toapologise for a pornographic postsent from their Twitter account....

Were British Gas Ready To Take The Heat?

18 October 2013

Virgin Media's billing mishap goes viral on Facebook

26 April 2013

Picture this... you've just lost a member of your family and you're grieving. The last thing you need is insensitivity from one of your service providers. This is exactly what happened recently to...

Don't make a hash - of hashtags

29 November 2012

#susanalbumparty... What did you first see when you read that hashtag? Did you see the hashtag in full, or did you pick up on the bum party bit? My guess is the latter and I'm sure you're not the...

People speak up on social about the General Strike

15 November 2012

On Tuesday it was announced that24-hour industrial actionwould be taken yesterday by members of the European Trade Union Confederation affecting flights to and from several European countries...

easyJet has a bumpy landing on social

30 October 2012

You've all seen it happen ... a brand upsets a customer and it sets off a spiral of comments on social media.

Five tips for dealing with negative comments on your Facebook or Twitter page

16 October 2012

Have you ever logged into one of your social media accounts and noticed that your page has been littered with negative comments? Yes social media is great but it is also a platform of opportunity...

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