Social Customer Service for Marketeers

23 March 2017

While Marketing Teams usually hold the social media purse strings, Customer Service Teams are the front line of customer engagement.  This infographic shows why closer collaboration between...

Infographic: The six stages of practical social customer service planning

05 April 2016

Lots of businesses looking at adding social channels for customers to contact them are still grappling with how to do this. There is also a misconception that adding a full omni-channel solution...

Infographic: 8 Steps to Evolve Social Customer Service

01 March 2016

Most organisations are still on the road to becoming a social business. Adding social customer service as part of an omni-channel solution is a bit like completing the walk from Land's End to John...

Infographic: How brands can benefit from integrating email and social marketing strategies

12 August 2015

When it comes to digital marketing brands should not pick channel sides. Email and social media should complement each other because both channels work better when used together. That's the...

Infographic: The best times to post social content

18 March 2015

Let's start with a given. If you engage on social channels you want to maximise the reach of your content for your target audience. Timing is everything and getting this right is a combination of...

10 Lessons That Social Can Learn From Traditional Customer Service

04 March 2014

7 Critical Social Media Challenges for Contact Centres

02 December 2013

For the uninitiated,integrating social mediasuccessfully into the contact centre can be a daunting and complex task. Sentiment has helped some of the UK's leading brands to develop effective...

Social media and sports events [infographic]

17 January 2013

Sports and social media are a great pairing. As millions of fans enjoy the action, social media can bring them all together in a way never before possible.

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