Social Media Meltdowns: Are They Preventable?

16 April 2014

This week brought us yet anothersocial customer service PR nightmare, with none other thanUS Airwaysleft red-faced after having toapologise for a pornographic postsent from their Twitter account....

Sentiment Announces 1m Series A Investment To Take Social To The Contact Centre

13 January 2014

Were British Gas Ready To Take The Heat?

18 October 2013

You Can't Put a Price Tag on Great Customer Service

16 October 2013

Recently Netflix has been all over the news for raising the bar for it's recent amazing customer service. If you haven't heard about it yet, here is a brief summary:

Two days ago aNetflix...

What do social media users share and why?

26 February 2013

Social media is the new 'mix-tape'. What do 'mix-tapes' and social media have in common?! The answer is...the ability to share content. Recent research by BrainJuicer, for mobile provider Three,...

Will #askpontifex be a success?

04 December 2012

Yesterday, Pope BenedictXVIjoined Twitter using the name @Pontifex.

Is Pheed the new kid on the social block?

23 October 2012

New social media start-up, Pheed, launched last week, creating quite a buzz in the digital world. It has gone from being relatively unknown to being one of the hottest new topics in the social...

Felix flies in the social world

15 October 2012

Can you imagine sitting on the edge of a balloon capsule 24 miles high, about to jump back to Earth, whilst attempting to break the world record for the highest skydive and travelling faster than...

Sentiment Metrics features in social media monitoring report

20 September 2012

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